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                                                Satisfaction guarantee:

All work is guaranteed upon completion for 30 days. carpet, rugs, upholstery and duct work must be maintained properly in order to reach desired cleaning results. Mold, Mildew, Pet-Urine, Pet odor and related problems are above basic cleaning situations. Lack of proper maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer may also put your carpet, rugs, upholstery, and duct work in a state that basic cleaning would not return satisfactory results. True Care technicians are trained and equipped to handle basic or above basic situations. Additional Service's such as disinfectant, pet urine removal or protection may be required to reach desired cleaning results. If such problems are present your technician will discuss all options with you. In the event services agreed upon are completed and results are not satisfactory, within 30 days of receipt True Care will clean until satisfaction is met or owner will honor any agreed upon resolutions.

 True Care Carpet (803) 865-8911  ​C.D.W.

About vent and return covers/grills

In most cases vent and return covers can be removed with ease. However in some cases screws may not have been installed with proper anchors, covers may have been painted over, wallpaper improperly hung underneath, old sheetrock or drywall may have damage underneath or even be falling apart. We will always attempt to carefully cut around covers that do not remove easily however this does not always keep paint or wallpaper from peeling damaged drywall or sheetrock from falling apart etc. therefore we are not responsible for any of these issues should they arise.

  We vacuum off vent covers and grills in order to remove dry particulates. We DO NOT soak them in chemicals or water based solution. Some vent covers and grills can hold water and moisture in

small cracks and crevices causing rust and or future water damage. We suggest simply replacing covers if they are past the point of cleaning them off with dry methods. 

Thank you !!

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