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At True Care Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning we do not have "hidden charges" nor do we engage in "bait and switch" sales tactics. Please call for specials and discounts ! All quotes given over the phone are basic cleaning prices. Our basic cleaning services are priced on a per room (for carpet cleaning) or per vent and return (for duct cleaning) basis. What is included in a basic cleaning service is listed below. Most services that are above a basic cleaning are priced on a per square foot basis or depend on the severity of the problem you have hired us to solve. For example: 1 room and a hall (basic carpet cleaning) may cost $89.95.  If you have pet stains and odors, disinfectant and pet urine removal may be needed. These services are above basic cleaning and will be quoted at the time of cleaning in order to give the proper quote. Please keep in mind we are a professional carpet and duct cleaning service. We may recommend services not discussed over the phone once we are in your home in order to complete a job properly. Prices and minimum charges may fluctuate with market and economic changes. Please Call For Commercial rates !!

Thank You !!

True Care's Basic Carpet Cleaning Service

1.Most furniture moved (Full service)

2.Thorough vacuuming

3.Pre-treat normal spots

4.Pre-treat traffic areas

5.Deep cleaning of entire carpet

6.Carpet pile lifter

7.Replace furniture (Full service)

Safe non toxic cleaning solution

Does not soak carpet or pad

Safe to walk on as soon as we are done

Completely dry in about an hour in most cases

All work guaranteed 


True Care's Basic Carpet Cleaning Prices 

Any 1 Room & Hall $89.95
Any 2 Rooms & Hall $109.95
Add. Rooms $64.95 per.
Add. Hallways $25.95 per.
Steps are hand tool cleaned at $4.00 per step
Vanity/small bath $19.95 per
Reg.Size Closet $19.95 per
Walk In Closet $25.95 per
True Care's Wool Rug Cleaning
$3-$4.00 per square foot

True Care's Basic Duct Cleaning

1. Complete mold and mildew inspection(inspection only)

2.Removal of vent and return covers (as needed)

3. Vent and return covers vacuumed

4. Dry particulate removal and extraction of duct work

5. Replace vent and return covers (as needed)

About HVAC Filters: Due to the many different Sizes, Brands Etc. We Do Not

Sell Or Keep On Hand Replacement Filters

However We Will Be Happy To Install Any 

Filters You Have Purchased After Cleaning

Is Complete. 


True Care's Basic Duct Cleaning Prices 

1st 8 Vents and 1 Return $699.95. 

Add. Vents $34.95 per.

Add. Returns $49.95 per.​

Dryer Duct / Vent $175.00-$250.00


Dry Sanitizing (Soldaguard)               

Call for specials and discounts !
Entire Home Sanitizing
Starting at $420.00

Commercial Buildings, Churches Etc.
.20-.30 cents per square foot

Starting at $90.00 per vehicle              


True Care's Basic Upholstery Cleaning 

1. Pretreat head, arm and footrests 

2. Complete cleaning of fabric (per manufacturers recommendation)

3. Cleaning of both sides of removable cushions

In most cases an enzyme shampoo will be used.

Dry in about an hour.  

True Care's Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Full Service :
Regular Sofa $164.95
Regular Love-seat $129.95
Recliner (chair) $89.95
Or All three $339.95
Basic Cleaning :
Regular Sofa $129.95
Regular Love-seat $94.95
Recliner (chair) $54.95
Or All three $239.95


Other True Care Services

1.Disinfectant: $89.95 per treatment 

Kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria .

Natural enzyme base. Disinfect to kill mold/mildew

in your carpet and padding (stops recurring spots) 


2.Pet Urine /Odor Removal: $89.95 per treatment 

Kills the odor at the source.

Aids in eliminating uritic salts 

Helps with yellowing and discoloration

3. Scotch Guard: .30 cent per square foot (carpet)

Protect against permanent stains

Pre mature ware

traffic area damage

permanent damage

Protection available for 

carpet, all rug types,

as well as upholstery

Sofa: $49.95

Love seat: $39.95


4. Air Duct Fogging: $20-$25.00 per vent/return

Three step fogging

Kills mold/mildew, viruses, germs etc

Kills odor causing agents

Three step system fogging $300.00

Accepted methods Of Payment :

All Payments Due Upon Completion Of Work


Check (Verifiable, Local Banks Only)

Credit Card

Debit Card

​Processing fees may apply

When paying with check you may be prompted to make check payable to allow for mobile deposit. (Carey)


Please have proper identification available when paying with any method other than cash.

Minimum Charge :

Depending on economic climate we may have a minimum charge of $150.00 Please remember to call for specials and discounts !

About "Wall stacked" or "Framed In" Ducts:

In some older homes ducts may be "walled' or "framed in" Access to these types of ducts can be difficult. More labor intensive methods along with the need to work more slowly to prevent any damage may result in additional cleaning charges. 

    About Dryer Duct Exits And Accessibility:

     In most cases dryer ducts are cleaned 

     from the "inside" to the "exit" outside 

     then cleaned again in reverse order

     from the "exit" back towards the "entrance"

     If needed. Full length duct

     vision cameras ensure the entire duct

     line is cleared. In some cases a dryer

     ducts "exit" may not be easily accessible.

     For example, if the exit is completely 

     framed in under a home with little to

     no crawl space access. Structures such

     as sunrooms, decks, pools etc. that have

     been constructed without leaving         adequate space to access the exit. 

Also if the duct exits a homes roof that 

can not be accessed easily. The goal with any cleaning is to clean properly, with proper equipment and without causing any damage. If your dryer duct exit can not be accessed without the risk of causing any damage to the duct and or your home we will simply clean / clear the dryer duct from the inside to the exit outside only. This does NOT mean the duct was not cleared or cleaned properly as full length of the duct will be viewed using duct vision cameras. If your duct exits in one of the above mentioned ways and we can not access it you may see a little lint or debris on your outside cover. Again this does NOT mean the dryer duct is not clear and or cleaned.

Thank You ! 

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