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 After almost thirty years in the carpet and duct cleaning industry you would think we would have hundreds if not thousands of online reviews. Some good, some bad. The fact is we do not. A simple google search (as of the date of this writing) returns only a handful of reviews. We do not ask our customers to post good reviews for discounts or anything else. We do not pay online review sites to bury bad reviews under good. We simply do our best, in hopes that will be good enough for our customers. Another unfortunate fact is, some (not all) of these online sites that post customer reviews of companies solicit money from business owners to remove, bury or in some cases even post bogus five star reviews for a fee. We at True Care Carpet see this as unfair not only to business owners, but the consumer as well. As you will find we have very few reviews online that are negative. We have the pleasure of serving hundreds of customers every year that are extremely happy with our service and reward us with repeat business. We have an A+ BBB rating and a hard earned word of mouth reputation. We work hard to make every customer happy and offer a written guarantee on our work which we honor. In the unfortunate event an actual customer (not fake reviews posted by competitors or review sites wanting money)  feels the need to post negative reviews about our service, we will upload before and after pictures of the service in question to this and our Google business page along with any information in order to let the public make an informed decision whether or not to use True Care for their carpet and duct cleaning needs. Thank you, C.D.W.             True Care Carpet 803-865-8911  

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