Hello and thank you for visiting truecarecarpet.info.  We set up this site to give our customers more information about us and our services. True Care Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning is a full service carpet, rug, air duct, and furniture cleaning company. We are locally owned in Columbia S.C. and have provided almost 30 years of quality service to the midlands and surrounding ares. Here you will find answers to common questions, information on our cleaning methods, pricing and other information we hope you will find useful. 


True Care Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning

We specialize in all methods of cleaning: Deep Scrub, Dry Foam (VLM) Hot Water Extraction and Steam. All of our methods are Safe for homes with children, pets or anyone with allergy's, or that may be sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals etc. Our cleaning will not soak your carpet or padding. Carpets are generally damp after cleaning and dry in about an hour in most cases. Wool, oriental, silk and woven rugs are cleaned by hand or as suggested by manufacturer.        


Rotary brush duct cleaning is our preferred method of cleaning air ducts. We use only state of the art rotary brush equipment that gently brushes the inside of duct work to help loosen dust and debris while powerful negative air/vac machines are used to extract all dust etc. Duct cleaning can be entry level or high pressure if needed. Duct work will be inspected to determine the best method of cleaning.    



Upholstery will be cleaned by manufacturers recommendations. Some fabric requires delicate hand cleaning while others a steam can be used. In all cases if cushions are removable both sides will be cleaned. Head, arm and footrests will be pretreated as needed. In most cases furniture will be dry in about an hour depending on how dirty the fabric is.